Transforming our Emotions through the Six Lokas

Shenla Odkar

Shenla Odkar – Essential Buddha of the Six Lokas Practices

Welcome to the Six Lokas Meditation Course. This course will give you a thorough introduction to the Six Lokas practices of the Bön Buddhist tradition.

At one time or another each of us suffer strong emotions that throw us off balance, cause us to act in ways that we later regret, and make us lose touch with our true nature. Centuries ago the masters of the Bön lineage developed the meditations of the Six Lokas specifically to remedy this situation, to help us live our lives in a balanced and relaxed way.

The meditations focus on the root causes of our suffering: anger, desire, greed, ignorance, jealousy, pride and laziness. Through each meditation we examine our habitual patterns so that we may recognize them, then invoke the enlightened energy of the Buddhas to purify and transform us so that we and all other beings might not continue to suffer in this way. The practices have a deep healing and transformative power, and are traditionally practiced at length as a preliminary to dzogchen contemplation.

This course features

  • Teaching Videos – receive original teachings by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche created especially for this course
  • Guided Meditation Videos – be led by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in your own home
  • Meditation Assignments– experience improvement in your daily life through formal and informal practices designed for each part of the course
  • Personal Journal – develop your experiences and insights through daily journaling tracking your transformational journey
  • Reading Assignments – study the emotions relationships deeply through the companion text Opening the Heart of Compassion.
  • Online Discussions – contribute to a global discussion with your classmates facilitated by John Jackson, the co-leader of the 3 Doors European Academy and director of the Chamma Ling Colorado retreat center.

Students work with the online materials according to their own schedules. However, as a general guideline we suggest that students make available – 1 hour each seven days to enjoy the teaching videos, 30 – 90 minutes each morning during the course to experience the formal meditation practices (don’t worry if you miss a practice but try not to); and between 1 to 2 hours per week for journaling and participating in online discussions.

The course is structured in seven parts with one week devoted to each section. Learners can study at their own pace, and have access to all materials as they are released, so it is easy to review earlier sections. Here are the topics for each section:

1. Introduction to the Six Lokas – This section provides an excellent foundation for your meditation practice, with a thorough overview, and an introductory meditation practice. Familiarize yourself with the online course format, meet your classmates from around the world.

2. The Hell Realms – Transforming our Anger into Love

3. The Hungry Ghost Realm – Transforming our Greed into Generosity

4. The Animal Realm – Transforming our Ignorance into Wisdom

5. The Human Realm – Transforming our Jealousy into Openness

6. The Demigod Realm – Transforming our Pride into Peacefulness

7. The God Realm – Transforming our Laziness into Compassion

The course videos were produced in HD, for the highest quality playback on fast network connections. All 17 videos in the course scale back for slower broadband connections, and also will play on iPads and other mobile devices. We think you will find the course stimulating, educational, and a great support to transforming how you work with emotions within your life.

Course Dates: May 11 – June 29, 2019
Cost: $225 for the seven week course. Registration is now open.