How to Register for a Course

Registering for our courses is simple and easy, and involves two steps. First, create your account and password. Second, click on the course to enroll, and if a fee based course, pay through PayPal. This method allows you to pay with all major credit cards, or your PayPal account. Free courses do not require any payment. Below is a detailed description of the process. You might want to print these instructions.

Young Woman with LaptopIf you have recently taken another of our courses:

  • Login here and then click on the course name to register. If the course is free, simply confirm that you want to enroll—you’re done! If the course is not free, continue with “For paid courses only” below.

If you have NOT recently taken a course with us:

  • Create a new account here  and then check your email for instructions on completing your registration. (If necessary, check your SPAM folder—the message will have “Tibetan Meditation” in the subject line.)
  • When the web page opens saying “Your registration has been confirmed,” click on “Courses,” and then on the name of the course you want to take. If the course is free, simply confirm that you want to enroll—you’re done! If it’s a paid course, continue with the instructions below.

For paid courses only:

  • After you’ve logged in or registered and have clicked on the course name, a page will open permitting you to complete your payment. Click on “Send payment via PayPal.”
  • If you have a PayPal account, login at the top of the page to make your payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account, choose the link “Pay with your debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit.” (To pay for your course registration in installments, choose the PayPal Credit option. In some countries PayPal Credit may not be available.)
  • After paying, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to the login page. A second email will provide a receipt from Paypal. Login to enjoy your course!

Have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have additional questions about this process please contact us.