The Five Elements Khandros

The Five Elements Khandros

Tantra is the path of transformation, integration, and clear vision. The tantras help us understand that the source of suffering is our own perception of reality, attachments to our habits, and reluctance to change. Through the transformative practices of tantra we can begin to experience our world as a divine dance, a dance which we can enjoy in every moment.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teaches from a variety of tantras including those of Sherap Chamma and the Red Garuda, but most frequently our teachings are drawn from the Ma Gyud, or Mother Tantra, the highest of the tantras in the Bon Buddhist lineage. The Ma Gyud includes the practices of dream and sleep yogas, tsa lung, the transformation at the time of death, the Chod of cutting attachments. We will develop a series of courses that address a variety of these topics.

We are now developing a new online course on the Six Realms of Existence – transforming our emotions, which supports the purification of our negative habits and the cultivation of virtuous dimensions of our being. This course will be next offered April, 2013. Learn more about the Six Lokas course.

The Five Elements are fundamental to the practices of tantra, as well as the Causal Vehicle and Dzogchen. Through the practices of the elements we discover our elemental tendencies, and how to rebalance our bodies, our actions and our minds. This course will next be offered in the summer of 2013. Learn more about our Five Elements course.

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