New Free Online Course – Starting a Meditation Practice

Meditation at the seaThis free, self-paced course is designed for people who would like to begin meditating on a daily basis. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, the founder and principle teacher of Ligmincha International, provides instruction for simple practices that anyone can do on their own including: a meditation on stillness and spaciousness, the Nine Breathings of Purification, Calm Abiding, and the Tsa Lung exercises. After completing this course you will have the skills you need for a simple daily meditation practice that can improve many dimensions of your life.

The course is presented in four parts:

  • Part 1: Connecting with Your Inner Stillness and Silence
  • Part 2: Using the Breath to Calm the Mind
  • Part 3: Expanding Your Meditation Practice through Calm Abiding
  • Part 4: Awakening the Sacred Body with Tsa Lung

Each part includes an introduction and a series of short videos from 2 to 13 minutes in length. The videos include explanations of the meditation methods, demonstrations, and guided meditation sessions, everything you need to support your practice.

This course will give you a good foundation for your meditation practice, and is complete as it is. However there are certainly more subtle details that you can learn about these practices in order to deepen you meditation. If you would like to expand your understanding of these practices further we recommend Tenzin Rinpoche’s book Awakening the Sacred Body, our other online courses, and retreats offered through Ligmincha around the world.

We hope that you enjoy this course and will consider joining us in the future!

Course Dates: Beginning November 1, 2016, then always open. Work at your own pace and at your own schedule.

Cost: Free