Shining from the Inside Out

– an excerpt from Tibetan Sound Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

We can always have good ideas about what we are going to do, but 
manifesting them is harder. When, through the practice of the Five 
Warrior Syllables, we find the courage to manifest, we feel so 
different. There is a sense of being sealed or confirmed. In our 
Western material world, this approach is very important. We value 
real action and positive change. We are not content to recite a 
mantra, thinking that in the next lifetime we will have some 
benefit. We want to see the changes faster than that. If you want 
to see the changes faster, you have to open internally; you have to 
bring the enlightened quality to life and feel it energetically. 
Then you have to manifest it.

Seeds of Light

©Hartwig Kopp-Delaney

People often have no idea why they cannot bring about their good 
intentions, and conclude with a negative statement about their own 
defects and weaknesses. Or they feel they are a victim of others or 
of circumstances. The bottom line is that if the inner work is not 
done, the manifestation will not be there. Thinking alone does not 
work. You have to open, feel, connect, cultivate, and then allow 
something to manifest. If deep inside you are not open, if you 
really don’t feel those positive qualities, or don’t even realize 
those qualities exist in you, then how can you expect that positive 
qualities will manifest? If you are having a difficult relationship 
with your parents, and you are not opening and connecting with any 
positive qualities within yourself, how can you expect something 
positive to come out at the holiday dinner table? It doesn’t work. 
Inner work needs to be done before you arrive at the table.

Tibetan Sound Healing, by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and edited by 
Marcy Vaughn, is available online at Ligmincha’s Tibet Shop.